IT Support for Visual Effects VFX Post Production Entertainment (Help Desk)

Los Angeles, California, United States


Our client, a global agency which produces fascinating and unique content, is seeking a Tier 1 – 2 IT support professional with experience in the support of producers, artists and creatives. The ideal candidate will take a proactive approach to daily laptop / workstation maintenance and upkeep, assist with render farm management and updates, but also be excited to switch gears and learn higher level config or Isilon maintenance or help with trade-show tech testing in those hours between break/fix that are sure to occur.

This job presents a unique opportunity to get hands on experience with some bleeding edge technology, often fun and interesting technology, that you don’t encounter in most IT roles. Here, you'll take your familiarity with software common to VFX/Post Production, including Cinema 4D, Maya, Adobe Creative Cloud, Pro Tools, Resolve, as well as common software like Office, Slack, or Box, to solve problems and help the creatives get the job done. Additionally, we'll need you to be familiar with Render farm management software like Deadline, including how to make and alter groups, how to diagnose errors and resubmit problem frames.

Additionally, you'll be expected to bring a willing, customer-focused attitude to the job, juggling multiple responsibilities and employing your communications skills as well as your interest in emerging technolgies.


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